Women Beyond Ordinary

Wednesday, 27th of November 

Thrive and Survive
Nov 27, 2019, 6:00 PM
BDO Taranaki

$ 25/pp includes refreshment and nibbles



Women Beyond Ordinary

In each woman sits a genius, something extra-ordinary, that has to come forward. 

The idea to form regular panel discussions to provide a safe and fun environment to learn from others resulted in founding "Women Beyond Ordinary". Designed to provide encouragement, networking opportunities, and support in exploring women’s leadership roles in a variety of contexts. Women are amazing leaders at home and in the workplace and should be given access and equality to every opportunity that men have.


​The panel members will give the group some of their best advice based off of their experience.

After the break we split the attendees up in smaller groups to discuss in each group the topic of the evening. Everybody has a voice and the opportunity to contribute. 

November 27, 2019 - Topic

Thrive and Survive 

Learning to live your life..

Every obstacle that presents itself is an opportunity to learn and adapt, helping you change trajectory and put you on the path where you are destined to arrive.

Everything, all your experiences, choices and actions are creating this path towards living your life, and not having life live you.

Even the most confident women experience a time in their life when they question whether they are on the "right"  path.  We have all felt that our choices are limited, and experienced fear when it becomes apparent that we haven’t quite figured it all out.

During our exclusive evening, you’ll be filled with hope and courage and inspired to apply these amazing insights to your own life. Bring a friend or come by yourself. Numbers are limited.


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Panel Members

Ingrid Vercammen

Women Beyond Ordinary I Facilitator & Founder

An intuitive entrepreneur, Ingrid evolved from the Psycho Therapist she once was in her home land Belgium, to become a highly successful business women who has dedicated herself to mentoring others.

Emigrating to New Zealand in February 2000, Ingrid founded a globally successful food manufacturing business, Van Dyck Fine Foods ltd,  brand "Marcel's" pancakes.

Winner of several Business Excellence Awards during her time at the company.

In January 2018, Ingrid found her calling and has since dedicated herself to helping and empowering women with her organization Women Beyond Ordinary. She regularly facilitates meetups, panel discussions, mentoring, public speaking and workshops aimed at empowering and teaching women about their inner strength.

Brooke Barrett

Fashion Designer I Girls Minds Matter contributor


Impassioned by the growing concern surrounding the fashion industries ethical and environmental footprint, Brooke had a vision to build a fashion brand that could provide women the opportunity to make ethical decisions by purchasing less mass production clothing. Her label Brooke Barrett for You , launched in September 2017, has grown to become a well known luxury brand for women who believe style, comfort and quality are a way of life.


Brooke is dividing her time between creating bespoke clothing, empowering women through fashion, and working with the organization Girls Mind Matter.

Ingrid van Amsterdam

Healer I Writer I Biographer

Various occupations from the corporate to the healing world taught Ingrid much about herself. Somewhere in between she managed to homeschool her six children (now adults) for almost seven years.

A trustee of Migrant Connections Taranaki Ingrid was asked to write a book about migrants, which became ‘HOMELANDS THEN & NOW’.


Her interest in diversity in the community and the recent death of her mother lead to another book which helped her process the intense experience of her intimate involvement as full time carer of her mother. With her newfound passion for writing Ingrid has launched her new website aiming to raise cultural awareness and the continuation of migrant stories. 

Donna Willard-Moore

Artist I Painter I Sculpture I Healer I Change-maker

Donna holds  BFA, MA, MFA certificates in Fine Arts.

For her art is about cultural systems, cultures change when art styles change or perhaps it’s the other way round? To what degree does art influence our culture?

For women the cultural expectations of life both limit and explain their possibilities. All knowledge and experiences build and reshape our lives and we create the next future for our selves and the younger generations by understanding the dynamic progression of evolution expressed in art.

Zara Thame

Founder of The Wellness Project

Zara opened her Yoga studio here in New Plymouth in 2016 at just 26.  In a search for more fulfilment , and being passionate about movement, mindfulness and meditation for many years, it seemed a natural transition to share this love with others.

Zara lives and breathes her work- it is both her personal practice and her profession. The Wellness Project is so much more than just generating livelihood, it invites people to soften, flex and become more resilient. Zara sought a role where she was able to more deeply connect with people, she feels privileged to share this passion with the community.




Time Table

  • 5:30 pm - Welcome - Doors open  
  • 6:00 pm - Introduction of panel members.
  • 6:05 pm - Listen to the panel discussion to warm up and learn.
  • 6:35 pm - Coffee-Tea and nibble time
  • 7:00 pm - Contribute in small groups and let your voice count
  • 7:45 pm - Results of group discussions
  • 8:00 pm - Time for powerful networking to close.

Committee members :

  • Paula Barkley : Owner New Plymouth Caci Clinic 

  • Olena Williams : Founder at Ethnic Cooking Classes and App LOZHKA

  • Ingrid Vercammen : Founder "Women Beyond Ordinary". 

Thrive and Survive
Nov 27, 2019, 6:00 PM
BDO Taranaki

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